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frequently asked questions

We seek to raise a minimum of $500k to fund the building of the Akoin platform, the technical heart of the Akoin ecosystem, and help jumpstart our philanthropic programming by launching the Akoin Ambassador Program - the first program from our Akoin Foundation. You can read more about the Akoin Foundation and our philanthropic efforts here.
To show our #appreciation, for every $1 USD donation made during the Token of Appreciation (TOA) campaign, up to $1M USD raised, donors will receive 3 Akoin TOAs.

(After we reach our $500k USD goal, TOAs will be gifted at different tiers. You can read more about these tiers in our FAQs.)
Show your #appreciation by making a gift in honor of an entrepreneur or someone who’s been a role model or inspiration to you today. Or gift some TOAs to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Together, we can help lift up entrepreneurial young people and make sure they get the chance they deserve to become the business leaders of our future.

Be sure to share your story with the @AkoinOfficial community and your social networks using the hashtag #appreciation
See our Akoin TOA milestone goals here. We’ve already done so much with the first $150,000 raised, let’s keep it going! You can read more about the Akoin Foundation’s philanthropic programming here will link to a program age on here.
The Akoin platform and supporting Ambassador Program lies at the heart of Akon’s vision for activating young entrepreneurs by providing a safe, trusted place where young people in Africa can take control of their future by building businesses that help them, and their families. You support will ensure we are able to bring this vision to the world.
This campaign is a way to activate our passionate community by sharing in the spirit of gratitude and acknowledgement, transforming community members into stakeholders in the Akoin movement by giving them a sense of ownership and sharing in the spirit of mutual appreciation.

We appreciate you, our Akoin supporters! Thank you for being on the journey over the last year as we have readied to bring our mission to support young entrepreneurs to life.
An Akoin TOA is a cryptocurrency token which carries no monetary value at the present time. From 8/7 until the campaign ends, for every $1 USD donation made during the TOA campaign, up to the first $500k USD raised, donors will receive 3 TOAs in appreciation of their gift. For more information about the Akoin token and launch plan go to
TOAs will be held in a protected cryptocurrency wallet that is uniquely associated with each donor. The Akoin platform and cryptocurrency plans to go live later this year. To learn more about the Akoin token itself and the release plan, please visit
Launching the Akoin cryptocurrency, Akoin technical platform and supporting Ambassador Program are the first projects of the Akoin Foundation. This technology and supporting programs are central to our ability to reach our philanthropic goals and achieve our charitable missions. One of our first goals is, in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to activate 2 Million CEOs and help close the projected 50MM job gap in Africa by 2030. This goal will be extended and replicated in other regions as we expand our footprint around the world.
You can read more detail about Akoin Foundation and the TOA campaign in our extended FAQa here or to learn more about Akoin and the Akoin Token release plan visit
A 3% fee will be applied by our donation provider to cover the transaction costs associated with processing your electronic payment. You may elect to cover this fee to ensure the Foundation receives your full gift amount or have taken out of your donation. Depending on which payment method you select, your donation may also be assessed an additional fee by your provider.